Falasarna Chania

The ancient city of Falasarna is situated in a very strategic point of the beaches of western Crete, on the peninsula of Gramvousa and the intersection of commercial maritime routes between North Africa – Greece – Italy.

The area was inhabited in the Early Minoan era, but only during the period from the 4th to the 1st BC century, it became known as a maritime power.

In Falasarna there is also the well known beach of Falasarna which in recent years has been awarded many times for its beauty and crystal clear waters.


Welcome to Tavern Falasarna

Tavern Falasarna is a family business that has been offering guests delicious Cretan specialties for many years now.

The taverna’s name comes from the ancient city of Falasarna which is located at the western end of Crete (very close to our taverna).

Under the trees you will enjoy views of the bay of Falasarna and the unique sunset it has to offer. The hospitality, the friendly atmosphere and traditional Cretan cuisine using fresh local ingredients and olive oil is a recipe that will remain unforgettable to you.